Once on site, we support client activities further through the effective implementation of stock management, storage technologies and resource.

Security incident can harm both your workers your assets and your reputation, and must be avoided at any cost. Tough and soft skills, gained within practical exercises and guidelines, can make a difference.

Relevant training and preparation for your personnel prior to deployment aids fulfilling your fundamental duty of care.

Our staff, with decades of experience training in law enforcement and military special units, provides comprehensive basic and advanced training and coaching solutions for any situation anywhere in the world.

Our training and coaching skills are mainly focused on security sector reform, but nation-building support for emerging Interior and Defense Ministries in underdeveloped countries recovering from conflict or political instability.

We collaborate intimately with clients, international donor countries and local government organizations to assess risks and implement the right mix of professional services and advanced technologies.

Improve your tactical skills combining lessons in classrooms, practical applications and scenario exercises

Our "Qualification Courses" have as result the issuance of either a Certificate or Diploma upon completion.

Each qualification contains a series of core and elective units of competency, each unit of competency can be delivered as an individual course, we call these short courses, completion of a short course results in the issue of a Statement of Attainment.

- Basic training in personal firearms
- Basic training in hand to hand combat
- Tactical drills
- Security Professions
- Maritime Security
- Theoretical Lecturers
- Special Training (Theoretical and Practical)