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Injection moulded polymer Holster with double safety system.

1) Acts on the top part of the weapon. By pressing the lever, the swivel part opens leaving the upper passage free.

2) Acts on the trigger guard of the weapon. Automatically activated when the weapon is inserted in the holster and deactivated by keeping the middle finger pressed under the grip of the weapon. The holster has a screw for adjusting the retention of the weapon in the holster. The holster is fitted to an injection moulded thigh kit.

The thigh support has 4 slits for inserting molle type accessories, 2 moulded hubs for inserting magazine cases type 8MH00 and 6 series of holes for the insertion of accessories using screws. The thigh system has two elastic straps with non-slip bands in silicone for anchorage to the thigh and 2 adjustable extensions with rotating buckles for attachment to the belt.