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Each set contains a pack of 3 rails

The RC Full Picatinny Rail Covers provides a superior tough polymer cover slide over your Picatinny rails.

Advanatages: (a) Furnishes contour of a Rounded, Smooth, Circular Handguard (b) Protects Shooter's Hand from Sharp Edges of Unused Rails and Barrel Emitted Heat (c) Facilitates Appropriate Thermal Insulation (d) Protects Exposed Rails from Damage (e) Renders Rail Less Vulnerable to Snag On Clothing and Equipment (f) Assists Shooter in Maintaining Improved Weapon Control (g) Pre-Segmented Construction for Ease in Cutting Length For a Custom Fit (h) Multiple Sections May Be Mounted Consecutively for Smooth, Visually Continuous Cover for Longer Handguards