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The GL-CORE is our newest addition to our line of buttstocks.

The integrated cheek weld, ergonomic buttpad and an interchanging tube adapter, provide an unmatched fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes, with a high level of efficiency and comfort.

Advantages: (a) Ergonomically shaped rubberized butt-pad for quick shouldering and easy maneuvering of the weapon (b) Interchangeable buffer tube adapters for a tight fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes (c) Integrated cheek weld in an overall compact and sleek design (d) No protruding parts, will not get caught on gear or webbing (e) Inversed positioning lever will not open accidentally (f) Two integrated quick detach rear sling swivel connectors (g) Made of durable and light-weight fiberglass reinforced polymer composite