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The Fab Defense GLR-440 Glock Tactical Stock provides you with an optimal accessory when taking your Glock Pistol to the next tactical stage.

Advantages: (a) Enhances Accuracy at longer Ranges (b) Unique Sling Feature (c) Quick-Release for Easy Attachment and Removal (d) Extends to Various Lengths for Versatile Tactical Shoulder Positioning (e) Ideal for Concealed Carry (f) Reinforced Polymer Composite Construction (g) Favored by Undercover Law Enforcement & Security Personnel (h) Durable, Lightweight & Easy to Conceal and Carry Compatible with FAB Camera Adaptor: Enables Steady Aiming of Camera for Long-Range Photography

Compatibility: Glock Compact 9mm / .40 Models

Non-Compatible to the Glock Gen 4 and Subcompact Models