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This M4 style Folding Buttstock for the Mossberg 500 improves overall weapon versatility,reduces kick, while enhancing your Mossberg's accuracy and tactical features.

Advantages: (a) Shock Absorbing Stock (b) Left Side folding (Ambidextrous Optional) (c) Collapsable Stock Enhances Weapon Versatility (d) Rubber Butt Pad (e) Full Ergonomic Sleek Design (f) Improves Finger-to-Trigger Contact (g) Durable & Hardwearing Construction (h) Built-in Storage Compartment (i) Incorporates Preset Ambidextrous Holes to Accomodate our 'SLS' Quick Release Sling Attachment

Compatibility: Mossberg 500 & Maverick 88 Shotguns

Disclaimer: When using the Shock Absorbing Buttstock System, it is strictly prohibited to place any body parts on top or above the exposed part of the shock absorbing tube (with an emphasis on the shooter’s cheek).