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The top quality FBA Bayonet Flashlight/Laser Attachment is Designed to Hold Tactical Lights and Laser Devices.

Advantages: (a) Available in 3/4"and 1" Diameter Sizes (b) Provides a Secure Bolt Locking System for the Mounted Device (c) Tight Fit of Adaptor Ensures the Stability and Accuracy of All Laser & Optical Devices (d) Precision Machined from Aviation-Grade Anodized Aluminum Stock (e) Durable, Lightweight Construction. (f) Easy to Fit and Dismantle (g) Secured by Hex ("Allen" type) Bolts (h) Ideal Mounting Solution for Laser Pointers (i) Compact Platform Holds Optics As-Close to Barrel Line as Possible (j) No Modification or Gunsmith Required

Compatibility: Available in 3/4'' and 1'' Versions for M4/AR15, VZ-58 and UZI.