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The MTH Horizontal Magazine Carrier incorporates a new and innovative design which enables the carry of a loaded magazine on your rifle, where you need it, for the fastest possible transition of a loaded magazine to the firearm.

Advantages: (a) Don’t Be Caught Reaching For Your Vest Pouch or Pockets! (b) Lock and Load Fast and Effectively - Simply Rotate the Magazine 90 Degrees, Chamber a Round and You Are Ready to Engage (c) A Safe and Secure Way to Carry a Gun and a Magazine Together But Not Loaded (d) Allows for Easier Visual Weapon Situational Awareness (loaded or unloaded). (e) Manufactured With Strong, Durable, Lightweight Reinforced Polymer (f) Snug Fitting Rattle Free Design (g) Fits Securely Into the Magazine Well Keeping it Safe From Obstruction and Debris