ZASTAVA-M2010 Semi Auto Rifle (7.62x51 / .308 WIN)

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A lot of cartridges fired in a short interval, without pauses in aiming - that is the basic advantage of the semi automatic M2010 rifle.

Kalashnikov system, the most popular operating system of semi-automatic and automatic weapons is applied in Zastava's semi automatic sporting rifle M2010.

Semi-automatic rifle M2010 is suitable for various terrains and climates.

M2010 has a safe and reliable trigger mechanism. M2010 has a polymer stock with good ergonomic and it is excellently balanced, which results in low recoil, small weight and very good compactness. Barrel is cold forged.

M2010 is fed from a detachable, single-stack polymer magazine.

Front and rear iron sights: rear - adjustable folding; front - adjustable post.

M2010 has a built-in optical sight mount, and the set can include optical sight mount and optical sight.

Semiautomatic sporting rifle M2010 was made by modification of Assault Rifle M77 / NATO standard

Set includes: 1 rifle M2010, 4x20 rounds magazines, Slink, Manual