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OPS Core type MICH Fast Helmet The MICH is crafted out of an advanced version of Kevlar and offers protection from handgun shots also.

In addition, it dismisses the chinstrap, sweatband and cord suspension system of the PASGT and instead includes a four-point retention system and a pad system.

These systems not only make the MICH helmet more comfortable but they also offer better defense from impacts.

NIJ IIIA 0101.06 against 9mm & .44mag to meet ballistic performance at 1640 fps (500 m/s) minimum;
NIJ III against AK54 pistol 7.62*25mm lead core bullet at the 5m distance. minimum.


- Ballistic-resistant Kevlar shell
- Four-point adjustable chinstrap retention system
- Pad adjustable suspension system
- Weights: 1.35KGS+/-50g
- Material: Kelvar

Other Features / Performance:

- Minimum static load test of 150 lbs.
- Minimum dynamic load test of 25 fps.
- Impact mitigation, less than 150 gs force transmitted to the head at 10 fps.
- Compatible with the use of all major gas masks worn under the helmet.
- Fragmentation Resistance.
- Ballistic performance within the following temperature range: –40°F to 160°F.
- installation of audio communication system inside the ear.
- Rail system.
- Frontal shroud.