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OEM Multi-functional Nylon Belt with pouches for Handcuffs, Torch, Extendable Baton, Walkie-Talkie holder, injection moulded ring for Obverse Handle (Tonfa – T-handle)

The belt has the following pouches:

- Torch Holder
- Holder for one pair standard self-locking Handcuff
- Holder for extendable baton (Diameter: 30 mm)
- Walkie-talkie holder Pouch (Length:109 mm, Width: 56 mm & Depth: 37.9 mm)
- Injection moulded ring for Tonfa (T-Baton)
- Diary and pen holder pouch with size of 7”X 4.5”
- The Mechanism of closing pouches will be of 4 part spring type Snap Button

Width : 2” - 2.25”
Length: 130~160cm as your request
Weight: 800g~950g
Buckle: The buckle-locking mechanism to be smart & concealed and easy to snap on and snap off.
The metal or black plastic buckle.


- Black color, material preferably leather or leather like finish Hi-Gloss OR Nylon Abrasion resistance material
- Easily cleaned with mild soap water
- Light weight and comfortable with foam lining

(Optional attachment for 9 mm Pistol with magazine)