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MK4 (NSN 1385-99-665-5985)

MK4 HOOK & LINE Developed in close cooperation with the British Army, the Mk4 Hook & Line Kit provides a variety of components for attaching a line to a suspected IED and devices for anchoring snatch blocks to floors, walls and windows and door frames.

Snatch blocks are self opening to enable IEDs to be maneuvered along complex routes in a single operation.

The 120m line enables the removal operation to be conducted remotely.

A sledge is included with the Mk4 Kit which can be used to improve the maneuverability of a suspect object on stairs or rough ground and to prevent snagging at corners.

A telescopic pole which extends to 3m may be used to attach a hook and line remotely. All components fit into a compact carry case and can easily be carried by one man leaving one hand free.

Size: 113 x 56 x 40cm

Weight: 25kg