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Injection moulding hard polymer holster Safety Grade 3.

Holster suitable for uniform or tactical professionals uses, made in special injection molded polymer.

The double safety mechanism gives to the operator the possibility of to putting the firearm in maximum safety, useful during dangerous situations like riots, revolts, sport events and, with the opportunity to remove the superior safety system A and to have always the security system of the trigger guard locked. The firearm is at safety but at the same time it is ready for to be use thanks to easy unlocked. The conformation of the two safety mechanisms (that use the Thumb and Medium Finger) allows the simultaneous unlocking of them (good training is recommended before use).

(A) Patented superior semiautomatic safety mechanism with an internal rotating cover (this unique rotation avoids the risk of locking that can be verified with frontal or external rotation).

(B) Patented automatic safety mechanism on the trigger guard. When the Pistol is inserted in the holster the safety automatically is activated. To release the Firearm, push on the lever under the Pistol grip, with the Middle finger in natural position. Retention screw on the barrel. Compatibility with all Kits.