ZASTAVA SNIPER M07 AS (7.62x51N & 7.62x54R)

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Sniper rifle M07 AS is designed on the basis of famous Mauser M98 action.

Heavy barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel, by cold forging, which guarantees exceptional precision, accuracy and long service life.

The action receiver is of polygonal shape, with built-in Picatinny rail, which enables the assembly of optical devices.

Trigger mechanism with single trigger can be finely adjusted. Mechanical safety has three positions: safe, fire and secure position, when it is possible to unlock the action, but it is not possible to fire.

Thread on the muzzle enables the assembly of accessories (gas or masking), and it is protected by a threaded ring.

Fixed stock is made of aluminum alloy.

The height of the cheek pad can be adjusted and the length of the stock is changed by changing the number of inserts. This provides safe and comfortable position of the shooter during firing.

Sniper rifle with the same characteristics, but with folding stock is M07 AF.