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Semiautomatic sniper rifle M91 is designed on the basis of well-known Kalashnikov system.

Basic request of police and army forces - exceptional precision at large distances - is fulfilled and confirmed in extreme environments.

Barrel is made of high quality materials and its interior is chrome plated, which provides long service life and excellent precision.

The rifle has two safety systems: a) mechanical safety - with two positions - safe / fire and b) safety system that prevents firing before the bolt is locked.

Gas flow regulator enables the use of this weapon in extreme environments and the weapon can function when it is very dirty.

The ergonomics of the stock provides safe and comfortable position of the shooter during firing. Iron sights with tritium tubes enable aiming in conditions of low visibility.

The base fixed on the left side of the receiver enables the assembly of various types of optical-electronic devices.

Flash hider, threaded to the muzzle, masks the position of the shooter during the fire.

Flash hider can be quickly and easily assembled to the rifle; it reduces the noise level by at least 12dB and gives wrong impression about the position of the source of the sound.