ZASTAVA SNIPER M12 (12.7x108 & .50 BMG)

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  • Description

New model of long range rifle M12 is designed on the basis of Mauser action. Its purpose is elimination of various types of targets at large distances, up to 1,800m, in all environments.

Cold forged heavy barrel with chrome plated interior provides exceptional precision at large distances .

Flutes on the barrel exterior make the cooling easier and provide precision in heavy duty.

Muzzle brake reduces the recoil significantly and facilitates firing.

Picatinny rail, made together with the action from one piece, enables the assembly of various types of optical devices.

Apart from optical sight, the rifle also has folding iron sights, for aiming up to 400m.

Trigger pull can be adjusted within the range 5 N to 15 N, and the position of the trigger can also be adjusted. Mechanical safety is on the trigger.

Aluminum stock has built-in buffer, which significantly reduces the effect of recoil. Third, folding leg, adjustable in height, is built into the stock.

Standard catch for the bipod assembly enables the assembly of other types of bipods, of user's choice.