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SPX-3025P portable X-Ray scanner

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SPX-3025P portable X-ray scanner

Application: Security inspection, criminal investigation, smuggling and factory product quality testing.

Features: high-resolution image and compact and lightweight design

Technical characteristics

- Dimensional imaging, accurate display of dangerous goods location and internal structure

- Dynamically capture images, support playback of dynamic video

- Scanning images are clear, the resolution is high and the imaging speed is fast. Use CCD industrial camera;

- High capacity battery life, meet the field operations

- Super software features: easy to achieve multi-touch gestures, physical size measurement, continuous image zoom, multi-effect image processing

- Security upgrades: provides X-ray delay

Wire resolution:40AWG (dia 0.787mm copper)

Penetration: 20mm steel/150mm aluminum

Image station: Lenovo Flex3-14, touch screen 14.0 inches; HD LED 1366 * 768 resolution; windows 8 operating system; intel core i5-6200U; 4GB memory; 500GB hard drive; weight 1.85kg

Sensor type: Industrial CCD camera

Imaging array: 1280*960 resolution

Effective imaging area: 304.8*252mm

Data communication: Wired transmission

Image acquisition time: 1-2s

X-ray tube voltage: 100kv (120kv optional)

X-ray source current: 1mA

X-ray source weight: 9kgs

Image processing: Edge enhancement, super penetration, local enhancement, histogram equalization, anti-color display, black and white display, pseudo-color display, relief display.

Area selection and enlargement: Unlimited continuous magnification

Storage capacity: At least 10000 images

Image display: Support dynamic images

System function: Date / time display, historical image preview, user management, image storage and retrieval, emergency stop operation, device status display.

Outline Dimensions: X ray generator:482*215*178mm (L*W*G)

Detection board:462*366*164mm (L*W*G)

Total weight: 15kgs

Operating temp.: -15℃~+50℃

Storage temp.: -40℃~+70℃

Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion battery (Supports 400 image captures)

Other function (optional): Print the image and connect network