AT150180 Multi-Energy X-Ray System

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AT150180 multi-energy x ray security inspection system for cargo scanning

AT150180 is powerful to deal with big size luggage at 150cm width, and 180cm height. It provides high resolution and ultra-clear images for easy object identification with the latest technology of computer control andimage processing.

It can distinguish organic and inorganic materials by atomic composition of the  material, explosives/drugs and realize Threat Image Project Function through adding different option.

The operator can easily identify materials with the following coloring scheme:

Organic material-orange

Inorganic material-blue

Mixed material-green

High density material-red

General information

Tunnel Size: 1500mm*1800mm

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor height:350mm

Conveyor Max Load: 2000kg

X ray Dose per inspection <1.8μSv

Wire Resolution: 36AWG Guarantee, 38AWG typical

Spatial resolution Level: dia1.3mm, Vertical: dia1.6mm

Penetration: 32mm steel guarantee, 34mm steel typical

Penetration Resolution: 30AWGguarantee, 32AWG typical

Film Safety: GuaranteeASA/ISO1600 Film

X-ray Leakage: <0.1μSv/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)

Conveyor running direction: bi-direction

Throughput: Typically 720 bags per hour

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