AT10080B Big Size X-Ray Scanner

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AT10080B Big Size X-Ray Baggage Scanner

General Specification General Specification

- Resolution 40 AWG (dia>0.079mm Copper Wire)

- X-ray Leakage <0.45 μSv/h at a distance of 5mm from external housing

- Inorganic level: 0.1mm to 12mm steel (blue color)

- Mixture level: 1mm to 60mm aluminum (Green color)

- Material distinguishes: PVC in green, Nylon 6 in orange

- Film Safety: Guarantee ISO1600 Film

- Dose per Inspection <1.8μSv

- Spatial resolution: Level: dia1.0mm, Vertical: dia1.0 mm

- Penetrate resolution: 32AWG (dia> 0.202mm)

- Gray level1mm to 60mm aluminum step

- Organic level 1mm to 120mm Poly methyl methacrylate (Orange color)