H24-7 Machine Gun Mount & SA7 System

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  • Description

The H24-7 mount is used in conjunction with the SA7 swing arm for the M249 SAW, MK46, MINIMI, M240, MK48, and MAG58 machine guns. It is designed to accept heavy armor shields with light or medium machine guns.

The H24-7 comes with a 200 rd 7.62mm ammunition can holder, 200 rd 5.56mm ammunition drum attachment clip, grab handle, SA7 pintle, and travel lock.

The SA7 Swing Arm, also pictured, also allows the use of a heavy armor shield.

As designed, the SA7 system has train stops to limit fields of fire.

In the HMMWV example shown, the system mounts to the vehicle with Adjustable Height Pintle Posts.

However, the system can be used with other mounting brackets for other applications, including guard towers.