DShK Mount

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  • Description

The MSG DShK Gun Mount was designed for strength, accuracy, and modularity. 

 It is the only DShK mount currently on the market that can be used wherever a MK93 can be used, making it highly versatile and modular.

The mount incorporates the charging handle, similar to Eastern Bloc versions.

All variants of the MSG DShK mount accept the MSG PKM Adapter.

The MSG DShK Gun Mount family includes:

- An optimized vehicle turret mount that drops into a Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA) for use with a Traverse & Elevation Mechanism (T&E).

- A naval configuration that adapts to a standard naval MK16 MOD2/9 Tripod or MK16 MOD8 Stand and can incorporate an armor shield.

- A more “traditional” Russian-style DShK mount that drops into the Russian ground tripod and incorporates a cradle friction lock to secure the cradle to the carriage.

In addition, the MSG Tri-Rail Light Bracket can be attached to all variants of the DShK mount.