H24-8 Air Systems Machine Gun Mount

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Our most common production model, the H24-8 family of mounts, accepts all versions of FN 7.62mm Medium Machine Guns including the MAG58, M240 and C6.

 These mounts can interface to MSG-designed Air System swing arms, pedestals and mounting bases, as well as legacy components such as the Black Hawk/Sea Hawk door swing arm.

Field-of-fire stops are tailored to the specific airframe/customer requirements.

Several options are available including: 200 or 250 round 7.62mm Ammo Can Holders, fixed and folding (stowable) versions Spent Link/Brass Catch Bags in 200, 250, 400, and 500 round sizes


- 24-8 MOD1 (CH-148 Door) / Part No. MAS-112

- H24-8 MOD2 (CH-148 Ramp) / Part No. MAS-103

- H24-8 MOD3 (S-70i/UH-60) / Part No. MAS-114

- H24-8 MOD4 (S-76C++ and D) / Part No. MAS-114-01

- H24-8 MOD5 (S-70B Door) / Part No. MAS-109