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IA-AS004 Anti Riot Round Shield

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Anti RIOT Round Shield

- Material: UV stabilized polycarbonate sheet with 95% transparency
- Shape: round
- Weight: 2.4 kgs
- Diameter: 55 to 60 cm
- thickness: 3.5 mm
- Impact testing: 147J
- Transmittance (observation widow): ≥85%
- Banding around the shield: Selective
- Two Extra hasp iron can equip the baton: Selective

Quality guarantee period: The PC materal won’t be ageing within five years
Strike-resistant strength: Strike the shield with 350J energy under -20~+50,18m/s speed,the observation widow should not fall off
Puncture resistance: Puncture with 147J,the observation window should not fall off
Shock resistance strength: Shock with 147J,the observation window should not fall off
Connection strength of Arm belt: ≥500N
Connection strength of Holder: ≥500N