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The Flashlight Grip Adaptor is designed with a light mount and vertical grip into one unit.

Made with Aluminum and Polymer, the FGA Flashlight Grip Adaptor is a combined light mount and vertical grip into one unit.

Intended for the picatinny rail, it is a lightweight, vertical fore grip.

The Flashlight Grip Adaptor is shaped ergonomically designed for the use as a conventional vertical grip.

A FGA allows the operator to move effectively while identifying and engaging targets.

The grip is accommodated with a 1” push button end cap lights.

- Thumb activated with providing safe operation during high stressful situations

- Equipped with a side safety switch – preventing inadvertent activation during combat

- Storage compartment includes a screw cap holding a cleaning kit, extra batteries, foam plug – eliminating rattling and noise

- Comes with a rubber pressure switch that covers for customized pressure

- Includes a 1.5” Picatinny rail –attached to either side, bottom of the mount for addition

- Width: 1.45" / Height: 5.27" / Length: 5.70"