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This UFH3P Five Position Flashlight Mount locks securely in five positions onto an ordinary Picatinny rail, maintaining visibility at all times.

The UFH3P Five Position Flashlight Mount is proposed to mount easily to any Picatinny rail that is compatible with rifles, guns and shotguns.

Once secured, users can lock the holder into five separate positions for perfect lighting.

The UFH3P Five Position Flashlight Mount includes an open back configuration that offers quick, thumb activation without compromising weapon control.

The Five Position Flashlight Mount is created with reinforced polymer and is built to military standard performance to deliver solid usage that does not loosen up or come loose during extreme conditions.

- Diameter: 21.3-23.8"

- Alternative positions by simple action: push/pull/rotate

- Locks in five positions: 0˚, 45˚, 90˚, 135˚, 180˚

- Optional to screw-lock the position

- Designed to easily access flashlight's on/off button with thumb, while using a vertical grip

- Made of Polymer

- For Picatinny

- Weight (ounce(s)): 2.