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This "Eco-friendly, Non-metallic Training Hand Grenadeii ls made of naturally degradable materials for environmental protectection such as CLAY for the bomb body and BIo-DEGRADABLE plastic for fuse head.

Made in South Korea

K417 Complying K413

CN69 Complying M67

It also shows great safety during training b'ecause its fragmentation and flames from explosion do not cause,any injury or hurt, even very close explosion from the thrower. Sound effect, smoke and body blasting provide realistic training environment so that soldiers can get great confidence of handling live hand grenade.

Eco-friendly Practice Hand Grenade K417, CN69, CN26 has equivalent features and weight as live hand grenade.
While it secures realistic training effects, it aims utmost safety for the trainee even it exploded onto near the human body
Eco-friendly: Bio Degradable
Safety: YES
Training: Tactical
Grenade body absorbs humidity in the air and it decompose in to the soil ground after time goes by.
Based on defense quality, we secure perfect Quality Manage-ment using proper raw material in good quality and are aiming Zero safety accident and Zero defective products.