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40mm Tactical Training Grenade (CTS-40, CTD-40, CTM-40)

Eco-friendly and Safe 40mm Low Velocity practice Grenade has Bio-degradable Plastic Ogive and Mineral Clay inside of projectile, which secures the most effective and safe training,

Made in South Korea

Type : 40mm Practice grenade
Material : Ogive, Bio-degredable PLA,
Eco-friendly: Bio-degradable Material
Safety: Centrifugal Type Fuse, No fire at target area by explosion
Misfire rate: Nearly zero percentage
Sound & Smoke (over 1 OOdB at 50m): The most realistic training with Sound & Smoke
Misfire: 0% even on mud, water and grass etc


- Sound, Smoke, Flash effect
- 0% Misfire
- No debris, No environment pollution
- Safety mechanism by centrifugal force


CTS-40: Application M203, M79, H&K69, K201, Smoke & Sound
CTD-40 : Application M203, M79, H&K69, K201, Smoke
CTM-40: Application M203, M79, H&K69, K201, Smoke Target Marker