Mobile Complex Multiple Launch Rocket System (107mm)

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Base of Ford F450 XLT 6X6 model

- Engine: 6700sm3
- Transmission: 6-speed automatic
- Aiming speed: 6 degrees per second
- Minimum fire angle over cabin: 27 degrees
- Aiming accuracy: 1,0 mil (3,6 min)
- Optical system: 63-107HPJ
- Navigation system, GPS, autonomous navigation system
- System overall weight: 1300 kg (loaded with 24 rockets), 870 kg (without any rockets)
- Rate of fire: 2 per second
- Maximum projectile range: 8000-11000 m (depending on a rocket type)
- Ammunition: 24 rockets (18 kg each)
- Fire guidance: Remote and on board automatic guidance
- System rotation angles: In a horizontal plane: 90° degrees (right angles), 110° degrees (left angle) and In a vertical plane: 0-60° degrees Contact us in any request