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Light machine gun M84 is intended to be used by infantry units and its main feature is excellent precision at large distances. Bipod and mild recoil provide precise firing.

The barrel is made by cold forging, the interior is chrome plated, which guarantees its long service life and steady ballistic characteristics. In heavy duty, for cooling purposes, the barrel is easily disassembled and replaced with the spare one.

Gas flow regulator provides reliable functioning in all environments. Flash hider placed on the muzzle disperses gun powder gas and reduces the flash, thus masking the position of the weapon.

The light machine gun is fed from the belt placed in ammunition box, with the capacity of 100 and 250 cartridges.

Light machine gun M84 mounted on tripod - machine gun M84

Complete set:

Light machine gun M84
Belt for 250 cartridges
Box for the 250 cartridges belt
Belt for 100 cartridges
Box for the 100 cartridges belt
Blank ammunition attachment
Spare parts
Handling and maintenance manuals
Packing case

Optionally, at customer's request, the set can include:

Spare barrel
Belt filler; manufacturer's recommendation is 1 belt filler per 3 light machine guns
Optical sight with mount