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HP 7,62 Machine Gun (7.62x54)

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The 7.62 mm Machine gun UP-7.62 is a powerful automatic weapon designed for use against enemy troops, firing points and light air targets. The design is specially intended and allows operation of the weapon in heavy climatic conditions, which are typical for the regions of Middle East, south-east Asia and Africa. The Machine Gun operates in automatic fire mode.

It fires 7.62x54 mm cartridges with ordinary bullets, armour-piercing incendiary and tracer bullets.
A 100 and 200 round link metal belt, held in a metal box feed cartridges in.
Option: Rail for sighting devices.
Caliber: 7.62
Cartridge: 7.62x54
Fire mode: Automatic
Rate of fire, rounds/min: 650
Practical rate, rounds/min: 250
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 825
Maximum effective firing range, m: 3800
Sighting range, m :1500
Ammunition box capacity, rounds: 100, 200
Barrel length, mm: 605
Sight radius, mm: 663
Overall length, mm: 1160
Weight without ammunition box, kg : 7.5
Weight of loaded ammunition box with 100 round metal belt, kg: 3.9
Weight of loaded ammunition box with 200 round metal belt, kg: 6.5
System life, rounds: 25000
Principle of function: Gas operated
Cartridges: 7.62x54 mm Ordinary bullets, Armour Piercing-Incendiary (API) and Tracer bullets.