IST 12.7 Anti-Materiel Rifle

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IST 12.7 Anti-Materiel Rifle

12.7 mm anti-materiel rifle characteristics ensure its efficient use against:

• thin-skinned vehicles armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), parked aircraft
• engineering ammunition (mines) from the safe distance
• command, control, communication & intelligense systems, gantries, space communications means, artillery and rocket systems, tank exterior equipment etc
• enemy manpower both exposed, disguised under thin field cover

The 12,7 mm rifle is a safe border & water basin guard from small ships while 12,7x108 mm calibre offers enhanced target effect against materiel targets

• Magazine-fed, automatic gas operation, offers rapid follow-up shots with simplicity and reliability
• Precision, man-portable, long range anti-materiel weapon
• Provides for efficient, reliable & safe operation & servicing in the following environment: (a) Ambient temperature range, from -50°c to +50°c (b) Relative air humidity: 93-97% at +25°c (c) At rain, snow, sand and dust impact