Grenade Launcher BGP 40mm

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The purpose of underbarrel grenade launcher BGP - 40 mm is the assembly to assault rifles M70 B3, M70 AB3 and all assault rifles in group M21

Under-barrel grenade launcher PBG - 40 mm can function only when it is mounted to an assault rifle; it cannot function independently.
This is a muzzle loaded weapon. It can fire grenades with anti-personnel, anti-tank, incendiary, smoke and training projectiles.
The interior of the barrel is chrome plated, which provides long service life and precision of the weapon.
Front and rear iron sight are used for direct aiming and plummet is used for indirect aiming.
- Under-barrel grenade launcher PBG-40 mm
- Holster
- Bag for grenades
- Barrel cleaning brush
- Rubber buffer for assault rifles with folding stock
- Buffer sling
- Handling and maintenance manuals