FORCIBLE Door Entry Device

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Forcible door entry device

PB6 Forcible door entry device is one pneumatic device to break into door and window. Its remote control design can ensure the safety of the operator.

As the device of police ,firefighting, army and enterprise, it can be fast to break into various doors of residential building, office building ,public building and rescue the life or block the criminal.

Application: Wooden door, metal door, outward open door ,inward open door , security door and 15 lock points security door

Made up: It is consist of door opener host, tube, remote control ,pressure reducing valve, external high-pressure cylinders and other accessories.

Fast: Several seconds to break into the door.


- No electric components and no oil. Can be used in harsh environments and industries.
- Air control system: Power is the natural air which is safe and available.
- Remote control.
- Water and rust resistance.
- Easy to operate without professional training.
- Light and compact: 16.5 KGS and can be operated by one person.