TS-Micro portable loudspeaker system

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  • Description

The portable loudspeaker is an intelligent defense device to disperse the crowd without touching and harm.

It is designed to meet just about any tactical operation or emergency response that requires clearly understandable warning tones and voice messages.

The device can release strong noises which make it very difficult for people to stay around it without protection.

This product will provide law enforcement officers with an invisible high-energy sound wall when dealing with unlawful assemblies and riots, to control and disperse the crowd more effectively.


Humane law enforcement, to disperse or warn the assembly crowd without touching and harm and prevent escalation.
High sound intensity, effectively disperse the targets within the range of 0-50 meters which can extend to a maximum of 200 meters.
Super thin, easy to carry and operate, small-sized, lightweight, possible to be carried in a briefcase, and it can be operated by a single person.
Sound wall effect, the combination of multiple equipments makes an invisible defense sound wall, which disperses crowds more effectively.
Persuasion and warning, it also has the function of loudspeaker and playing warning audios.


- Persuade, warn and disperse illegal assemblies.
- Long-distance communication and warning.


Category: reference index
Size: 390mm*260mm*65mm
Weight: 5.5kg
Material: Aluminum alloy
Working voltage: 36v
Working time: No less than 2 hours
Highest sound pressure level: 135dB
Flare angle of sound: ±15°
Frequency response range: 150-20000hz
Audio input interface: SD card, wired microphone, MP3