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V5, is used to find the lives under the ruins. It has been certified by National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

V5 video life detector allows rescuers to see the trapped persons who were buried under the rubble, and interact with them.It has one rotating camera and an infrared camera and it can also be used even in dark environment.

V5 Video Life Detector is welcomed by rescue teams around the world.It can provide clear conversations and video. And the images and sound can be simultaneously transmitted to the rear of the command structure through the wireless receiver.

V5 is suitable for the rescue work ,especially in explosion by the earthquake, and the bombing of buildings (caused by gas or other accidence)


1. It has passed the the National Fire Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

2. Proprietary technology: The wireless data transmission technology can transmit the disaster scene images to relief headquarters .The wireless audio receiver ,16GB, can store and search the video.

3. The special camera can be rotated laterally seamless 360 °, detection perspective 360 °, vertical 270 °, effectively increasing the search range and accuracy (proprietary technology)

4. Equipped with two-way conversation function, the system can access third-party call and go on more people conversation.

5. Between probes (camera) and display (host) ,there is an flexible connection, so that it can make it move and rotate more convenient. It can increase the flexibility of the rescue work greatly

6. Individually equipped with an IR waterproof camera (IP67),can be used in dark and water environment. The visual distance reaches to 6m.

7. 7 inch large LCD screen is the biggest size in the current video display device and rescue equipment. TFT technology ensures the clearest video display. Resolution: 768 × 512 pixels


Screen size: 7” large LCD ,TFT
Resolution: 768 × 512 pixels
Video Output: FBAS
Size: 32×18×7cm
Weight: 1150g
Battery life: More than 3h
Charging time: About 4h
AC voltage charger: 220V
Operating Temperature: -30℃-- +60℃

Wireless video transmission receiver

Size: 5” LCD Screen
Transmission distance: More than 50m
Storage: 8G
Battery: Rechargeable lithium batteries
Battery life one time: More than 3h

Colorful rotating camera

Size of screen: 1/4“CCD,0.5 lux
Lens: f-2.0 mm, F-2.0
Lens diameter: 51mm
Light: 8 infrared lights
Size: 51mm×99mm
Weight: 240g
Waterproof stage: IP 64

Waterproof infrared camera

Visual distance: 6m
Waterproof stage: IP 67
Probe Length: Adjustable 1-2.4m / Rope: 5m(20m,30m available )