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Shershen 5,5S

Long range ATGM system version

The anti-tank guided missile system “Shershen” is a multipurpose highly-mobile assault and defensive firing mean intended for Land Forces subdivisions.
“Shershen” is designed to enhance anti-tank defense of military units, and is also used during attacks for neutralization of diverse firing points of an enemy. Taking into account a combination of advantages, the system can be considered as an infantry support weapon up to a battalion level that can be used both in defense or attack areas.
Capability of firing in “elevation (overflight) mode” is a unique advantage of “Shershen” system that excludes a possibility of jamming countermeasures against missile control until the last moment of its flight when it returns to the line of sight right before target engagement. Moreover, “elevation (overflight) mode” allows to avoid such missile control interferences, as dust, smoke or jet of flame from missile after launch, as well as natural obstacles on the terrain (bushes, trees etc.).
The ability to use different types of missiles without any system modification, in addition to a wide specter of targets makes it possible to consider this system not only as an ATGM, but as a mobile defense-assault fire system for infantry support up to battalion level.

Technical details

Ammunition: RK-2, 130 mm and B-2M 152 mm
Maximum firing range: 5500 m
Warhead: tandem, hollow charge; high-explosive fragmentation; thermobaric (in prospect)
Armor penetration: not less 800 mm (for RK-2); not less 1100 mm (for B2-M)
Aiming channel detection range: not less 10 km (at daytime); not less 8 km (at nighttime)
Missile guidance during flight SACLOS laser beam riding