Fleet Tracking System

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We offer wide range of fleet management products dedicated for professional applications. We constantly upgrade our existing products and launch new ones to meet expectations of our customers.

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• With new integrated GNSS module, your tracking experience will be better than ever before.
• Even higher sensitivity, faster than ever cold start and almost instant hot start ensures that your fleet will be tracked precisely
• Small and easy to mount case
• High gain internal GSM antenna and internal GNSS antenna allow mount FMA110 much easier
• Real Time tracking
• Smart data acquisition based on time, distance, angle, speed delta, ignition and I/O events allow to have precise online tracker
• Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
• Smart algorithm of GPRS connections for GPRS traffic saving
• Operating in roaming networks by preferred GSM providers list
• Events from I/O elements detection and sending via GPRS or SMS
• 5 geofence zones (rectangular or circle)
• Auto Geofencing created for car towing detection and car theft prevention
• Deep Sleep mode (less than 6 mA power consumption)
• Firmware and configuration update via GPRS (FOTA)
• 3 operational modes (Home, Roaming, Unknown) based on operator
• Time synchronization by NTP (Network Time Protocol) if GNSS signal is absent
• GSM Anti-jamming detection
• Integrated scenarios:
    - Over speeding to secure driver and prevent penalties
    - Immobilizer function
    - Authorized driving (1-Wire® iButton ID keys up to 50 iButton keys) is used to prevent stealing or driver identification
    - GSM Anti-jamming detection
• Trip start and end detection
• CAN data acquisition from any kind of transport such as light vehicles, trucks, buses, agriculture and special transport with Teltonika Vehicle CAN Adapter