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DxVision 5X40 Single tube high-definition digital night vision instrument

Product type: 5X40-II
Category: observation, reconnaissance, detection
Product introduction: can be used in the daytime and night, Can take pictures, recording, video and other functions, with extrapolation 4-32G memory, at night using ultra low illumination CMOS sensor and no red storm LED light, can observe 250M target, black and white image, product fluency, portable belt, concealment, small power consumption.
Technology principle: using the latest and ultra low illumination large dynamic CMOS sensor, the target scene is imaging on the CMOS sensor through the independent design of the optical lens.
After the conversion circuit is processed, the image is input into the memory, and then the images stored in the memory are read out by the high-speed operation chip and the data processing function to form the full video signal. And display through the display.
Tactical and technical indicators: magnification: 5X
Detector: ultra low illuminance CMOS
Objective lens: 40mm
Field of view: 5, 3.75
Range of eyepiece adjustment: ±0.6 photometry
Image magnification: optical magnification 4.5 times (electronic amplification 1-8 times).
Detection distance: ~250M
Display resolution: 640x480
Camera pixel: 300 thousand pixel mark
Videotape Length of time: 2 hours
Working voltage: 3.7V DC
Battery type: 5.0V/2200mAH rechargeable lithium battery (18650)
Product weight:360g