Equipment / Ammo CASE LP-ST-453523

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LP-ST-453523 Military equipment and/or ammo case

External Dimension (LxWxD): 450 x 350 x 230 mm
Internal Dimensions (LxWxD): 390 x 290 x 220 mm
Height of cover: 55 mm
Height of body: 165 mm
Total weight empty: 4.7 Kg

Available with or without Foam Water and dust proof with full rubber seal around the lid;

All the metal parts like hinges, latches, handles are stainless steel.

- Lightweight, durable, beat and seismic resisting, waterproof, moisture proof, dust proof, heat and corrosion resisting.
- Convenient to be carried and suitable to storage firearms but also laptop, medicine, maintenance tool, photographic equipment, miniature instrument, stationery and so on.
- Comfortable handle, air-tight and waterproof.


Rotational moulding or Roto Molding which is a high temperature, low volume, low pressure thermoplastic forming process .It mainly suite for producing hollow, one piece parts such as large oil or chemical tanks, kayaks, point of purchase displays, frames, cases, furniture, carts, dispensers, park equipment. The material can be UV resistant which can ensure the outdoor use of your products .It is a process which have great advantages compared with injection moulding, or blow moulding. Suit for some kinds of products greatly! And for some kinds of products, the cost will be very acceptable compared with other methods