AKMS MINI 7.62x39 (A/S)

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AKM 7.62x39 Rifle (Kalashnikov Type) Tactical Version

Set Includes Rifle, 2 x Magazines of 30 rounds capacity, Picatinny rail gas tube, Polymer lower handguard, Sling, Cleaning kit

Model: “Mini JACK” AKMS-style rifle with 10 inch barrel
Type: Full auto, mil-spec
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Furniture: under folding buttstock, polymer lower hand guard, aluminum Picatinny integrated gas tube upper hand guard, polymer pistol grip
Receiver: stamped
Weight: 2.75 kg (unloaded)
Length: 800 mm / 560 mm with buttstock folded
Barrel length: 259 mm
Action: gas operated, rotating bolt
Muzzle velocity: 680 m/s
Effective range: 150 m / rifle has 100–800 m or 100-1000 m sight adjustments
Maximum range: 1000 m
Feed system: 10, 20, 30, 40 round magazines
Sights: Rear sight notch on sliding tangent, front post