TCOM Surveillance Balloons

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Maintaining continuous aerial security is a daunting task.
Threats such as low-flying, extremely fast aircraft can take advantage of the earth’s curvature and exploit terrain obstructions.
This renders ground-based radars unable to provide target information in time to take appropriate action.
Slow, low flying missiles with a small cross section may also avoid early detection and pose a significant threat.
Manned aerial surveillance can decrease the risk for short periods of heightened alert, but the operational costs are much too high for extended use.
To meet this airborne coverage challenge effectively and inexpensively, TCOM developed the 71M Low Altitude Surveillance System.

With over 1,000,000 hours of operation these systems are the only operational airborne defense assets to routinely provide the continuous round-the-clock, low altitude target detection information needed to secure the skies.

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