Vehicle Mounted Jammer

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Covering signals: 2G 3G 4G WiFi

The vehicle-mounted mobile phone signal sealing and control system can block and control the key communication bands with potential threats in the frequency range of 800MHz to 3000MHz, and stop terrorists (or reactionary elements, illegal organizations) from using the wireless communication devices working in this frequency band to restructure RCIED

- Easy to install, no need to modify the vehicle;
- When the device is overheated, output low power, high standing wave and other fault alarms, the system will automatically close the faulty module to avoid equipment damage;
- Modular construction for easy maintenance and upgrades;
- The operation is simple and convenient, and the interference radius is large;
- The overall design of the system meets military requirements;
- Each frequency and power can be switched on and off separately;
- Wired control mode of operation;
- The protection design of the power amplifier ensures the reliability of the device.

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