Marksman Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC)

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The Mahindra Markshman APC is a 4 + 2 seat Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) offering protection against small arms fire and under belly grenade attacks.

Ideal for Border Protection and Riot Control.

Marksman is designed as a armoured capsule-based light bulletproof vehicle, it provides protection to the personnel of defence, paramilitary and police forces against small arms fire and grenade attacts.

Armoured to Level B6, the Mahindra Marksman has a Cuppola machine gun mount with 270* traverse and protection.

Five side armouring of passenger compartment (roof and verticals) to provide protection against 5.56x45mm SS109 ammunition.

Floor blast protection against detonation of two DM-51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent.

Ballistic steel interior frame provides overlap and backup protection for impact areas, such as doors and windows.

 Rear area protected by armoured swing door featuring view glass and gunport. Heavy duty door hinges installed to compensate the additional armoured weight of all doors