ZASTAVA M70 B1 (7.62x39mm)

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Assault rifle designed on the basis of Kalashnikov principle is used by armed forces in the whole world for more than 40 years since it first appeared. It is still very popular, because it confirmed its reliability in all environments

The rifle has long service life and exceptional precision, as the barrel is cold forged. Locking system is designed in such a manner that the rifle cannot fire before it is fully locked, which ensures the safety of the shooter.

Good solutions for the ergonomics, with excellent balance of weight and compensator provide mild recoil and easy control of fire.

Fire selector has three positions: single shot, burst, safe. Iron sights with tritium tubes provide the possibility of aiming in conditions of low visibility.

Handguards and stock are made of quality beech. Rifle grenade sight is an integrated part of the gas block, and rifle grenade attachment is included in the complete set of the weapon.

All assault rifles made in Zastava Arms in caliber 7.62 x 39 mm use the same metal magazine with the capacity of 30 rounds. The rifle can accept underbarrel grenade launcher in caliber 40mm, model BGP 40mm M70.