Flir Chemical Identifier

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Person-Portable GC-MS Chemical Identifier

The FLIR Griffin™ G510 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) is a versatile, person-portable chemical identifier. It complements presumptive techniques used during emergency missions, by enabling responders to analyze all phases of matter (liquid, solid, vapor) and by performing rapid field-confirmation of chemical hazards.
The integrated heated sample probe enables hot zone operators to identify vapor-phase chemical threats within seconds when operated in Survey Mode.
The integrated split/splitless injector allows for environmental, forensic, and hazardous material sampling via syringe injection of organic liquids. The 9” on-board touchscreen delivers automated user controls and can be operated while wearing full personal protective equipment downrange.
It is built with an IP65-rated enclosure for harsh environments and supports passive defense, interdiction, elimination, and consequence management missions. Long-lasting, on-board batteries ensure every mission is supported from beginning to end.