CS-LR19 7.62x54mm Sniper Rifle

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7.62x54mm Sniper Rifle

Cartridge: 7.62X51 NATO Sniper cartridge
Cartridge: 7.62x54mm High Accuracy Cartridges
Total Length: 1280mm
Weight: 5.6Kg (With empty magazine and light day sight)
Magazine capacity: 10 Rounds
Effective Range 800m
Accuracy at 100m with optical sight): 3.5cm
Set includes: 1 x Rifle, 3 x 10 rounds magazines, 1 x Cleaning set, 1 x Oil can, 1 x Day light Sight, 1 x Manual
Packing: Wooden box 1370x410x400mm
10 pieces each box at 80Kg