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CS/LM6 (.50 Heavy Machine Gun)

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0.50 inch Heavy MG / CS LM6

Caliber: 0.50 inch (12.7x99mm NATO Cartridge)
Total weight: +/-38Kg (Gun Body)
+/- 20Kg (Gun mount)
Automatic mode: Barrel recoil
Service life: >=10,000 rounds
Total length: 1660mm
Effective range: 1600m
Theoretic fire rate: 400-600 rpm
Dispersion accuracy: 100m (tripod)
Origin: China

Set includes

1 x Maintenance set
1 x Hammer
1 x Oil can
1 x Locking gauge
1 x gauge for safe shooting
1 x ammo box for 100 rounds
1 x pin
1 x Limit spring
1 x Lock latch spring
1 x Buffer mat
1 x Hand wheel pin