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Autonomous Water Sampling & Monitoring Boat ESM30

Specifications Hull Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight(excl.ADCP): 14Kg
Payload: 10Kg
Motor:Waterjet propeller
Remote Control: Radio Frequency
Remote Control Range: 2 km
Data Telemetry Range: 2 km (2.4G wireless Ethernet as option telemetry range 2km @ 2Mbps)
Survey Speed: 2-5knots(1-2.5m/s)
Top Speed: 10 knots (5m/s)
Battery Endurance: 2 hours@2.5m/s
Battery Pack: 1x33V 40Ah
                      Quick Battery Replacement
                      *Higher capacity battery pack as an option
Option: Real time video monitoring
             ADCP telemety module