RPG PG-7V (Hollow Charge Shell Type 69)

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  • Description

This projectile (40mm Rocket - HOLLOW•CHARGE SHELL TYPE 69) is used to destroy tank of enemy, self-propelled gun, armored vehicles and reinforced concrete shelters etc.

Suitable weapon: 40mm rocket launcher type RPG-7, 69, 69-1 and 40m1n foldable rocket launcher type 2004

Total weight (with primer): 2.25 kg
Length (with primer): 925mm
Caliber: 40/85mm
Wingspan: 282mm
Effective Range: 350m
Maximum Range: 500m
Armor Piercing Capability: >260mm
Muzzle velocity: 120m/s
Maximum Speed: 300m/s
Dispersion (300m vertical target): (0.45m × 0.45m)
Operation Temperature: (-40℃ ~ +55℃)
Effective Storage Period: 10 year