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Industrial Drone frame KIT for Customize UAV

Industrial Drone frame Flight platform for customize industrial Specially designed for industry applications.
With modular design concept, the main components can be quickly disassembled and assembled, flexible and multi-purpose, convenient for customized demand expansion, and the whole frame adopts dumb black coating, which shows processional stability.
This is only Frame for your customize, it does not include devices such as flight control, battery, and mount camera. The industry machines are all in accordance with the project, so it is necessary to select the control system, the picture transmission system and the mounting according to the requirements of the specific project, and do not provide assembly and debugging;
Mounting board default empty board no mount holes, buyers can open their own holes as needed.
We have a full range of giant multirotor frames for aerial filming, surveying, mapping etc.
Note: This is just a Industrial Drone frame and landing gear, not including other electronic accessories.


Wheelbase: 1000MM
Height: 500MM
Frame Weight: 3.5KGS
Supply voltage: 6S
Motor: U8 KV150
Propeller: 28 inch propeller
Battery: 1 units 16000 mAh 22.2V
Payload: 1-5KGS
Endurance: 50 minutes(without payload) BROCHURE & SPECIFICATIONS VIEW WEB PAGE WITH DETAILS